DB Homes Hidden Values​

Building Your Home to a Higher Standard

HVAC Boots Sealed to Floor

Helps eliminate air leakage fir cooler summers and warmer winters.

Insulated Solid Headers - 1" Foam

Provides a thermal break to prevent unwanted transfer of heat.

Walls Secured with Screws & Nails

Walls are set in place first with nails, then with screws for extra tight framing.

Lagged Corner Framing

Keeping walls true and adding strength.

Mud Blocks - Back of Drywall Seams

Smart use of excess material eliminates unnecessary waste and makes a stronger drywall seam.

Backer Board for Shelf & Mirror Attachment

Provides a large area to securely fasten closet shelving and bathroom mirrors.

Blocking for Kitchen/Bath Electrical Boxes

Provides extra support for these high-use areas.

Blocking for Cabinet Securement

Extra blocking helps to securely attach the base and overhead cabinets

Fire Stop at All Framing Penetrations

It’s not just for code… it’s also a good idea. And makes your home more air tight.

Cat-5 Phone Wire

You could actually create a computer network for your whole house with our standard phone wire.

Gaskets on Exterior Wall Electrical Plates

Keeping walls true and adding strength.

Concealed Fasteners for Kitchen Cabinets

Provides a clean, finished look for your new cabinets.

Vycor Door & Window Flashing

Seals against water & air infiltration.

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