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Residential Warranty Company, LLC is one of the nation’s oldest and largest providers of written insured new homes warranties, providing homeowners with a strong foundation of security for their home.

RWC has been in the new home warranty business for over 30 years and has issued warranties on over 3 million homes. More importantly, RWC has managed the dispute resolution process between homeowners and builders on thousands of homes over the years.

Home warranties issued by RWC are insured by Western Mutual Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group (WPMIC) a company that is rated “A-(Excellent)” by A.M. Best and has over $100 million in surplus equity.

RWC New Home Warranties

What's Covered

The RWC Customized State Warranty on your home identifies what is warranted, what is excluded and the duration of the warranty.

In the first year*, the Warranty applies generally to workmanship, materials and portions of the major systems (wiring, ductwork and pipes)

For all 12 years, the Warranty includes protection on warranted structural elements in your home, as defined in your warranty book. The Warranty identifies which part of a home is warranted, and the criteria for establishing a structural defect.

Your Warranty book spells out who is responsible for warranted repairs, defines basic terms that are important for you know, and describes the process you will use if you think you have a warranted problem in your home.

Note that the Warranty is “limited” which means you are responsible for maintaining your home, from changing light bulbs to maintaining proper draining patterns. Areas which not part of the primary residence, such as driveways are excluded from your W warranty and some products come with a manufactures warranty.

Resale Value

Resale Value

Your home is warranted for 12 years as shown on the front cover of your warranty book. If you sell your home during that term, the balance of the warranty transfers automatically to the next buyer. That transferable home warranty is an excellent marking tool when you offer your home for sale to prospective buyers.

New Home Protection


When DB Homes chose RWC as our warranty provider, we made the decision to provide you with a written and insured commitment that your home will be free from specified defects. Your RWC warranty is independently written and administered and remains in place for 12 years regardless of what the future holds.

Expert Second Opinion

Expert Second Opinion

Even with a written warranty, misunderstandings may arise. If you disagree with us on whether or not something should be considered a defect, the limited warranty can be a valuable “measuring stick” for evaluating the issue. You benefit from third-party assistance with home warranty issues. The warranty standards included are based on accepted industry practices. The process to get RWC involved to mediate the issue and determine coverage is spelled out in your warranty book.

What Does DB Homes Membership With RWC Mean For You?

RWC does NOT have an open door policy when it comes to membership. Not ever builder is able to attain membership with them the way DB Homes has done.

Potential members are examined for financial stability, customer satisfaction, and technical competence.

As an RWC member, we agree to comply with specific construction standards in order to have our homes warranted by them.

This is our assurance that DB Homes is committed to stand behind our homes and providing you with peace of mind long after the sale.

DB Homes New Home Warranty