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There are Better Ways to Build a House

In honor of Earth Day, this blog is all about how DB Homes is committed to being green.  The truth is that traditional methods of home building just aren’t as conducive to the green wave of the sustainable future. Modular home building is an innovative method of construction that makes more sense than the stick built industry in a lot of ways. It is supremely customizable, subject to much stricter codes, and highly efficient. Ultimately it proves to be a much better match than stick built homes for the sustainable housing movement, and the following are a few reasons why:

  • Less is More – Less waste leads to more benefit for the environment. The stick-built construction industry produces massive amounts of waste every year. Recycling efforts have had some impact on this amount, but not enough to make a real difference. The typical modular construction project usually makes use of leftover materials from previous homes in the manufacturing process at the factory. It’s sort of a recycling program that takes place within the industry itself.
  • Save Time and Money – Modular home building utilizes a multi-tasking approach to construction, which saves a great deal of time. At the same time that work is being done at the home’s eventual site, there is just as much work going on in the factory. This eliminates construction delays due to weather and other factors. This time savings is coupled with reduced energy costs and less building waste to make modular home building a very green and sustainable way to go.
  • Use of Energy Efficient Methods and Materials  – Every DB Home has the following:
    • R-21 exterior wall insulation, R-38 blown-in ceiling insulation
    • Warm edge thermo-pane low-e glass windows
    • Insulated fiberglass exterior doors
    • High efficiency heating and cooling systems
    • Insulated exterior wall headers
    • Whole house air infiltration wrap
    • Foam gaskets on all exterior wall outlets and switches.

This all leads to better sealing, which will all add up to big energy savings to the home owner, especially over longer periods of time.

 Please contact us for more information. We would love to discuss your modular home plans with you today!


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