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Building a DB Home helps the homeowner reduce home upkeep!

Building a new DB Home is very exciting, from the time you see the home traveling to your site, to the setting of the home on a foundation, to the interior and exterior finish work, to moving your personal belongings in and putting them into their place. This would bring a smile and warm feeling to anyone. But it doesn’t stop there. You are now a Homeowner with a new set of responsibilities. Maintenance! Maintenance for your new home will ensure a long, lasting and functional home.


Each season has its own schedule for maintenance, you don’t want to power wash siding or be cleaning out downspout drains in the dead of winter. Obviously every home and homeowner has their own way of getting maintenance done but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Spring is a great time to open the home windows and get some fresh air circulating. Go out and do some inspecting from the harsh winter. It will cost less than hiring an inspector but if you have any concerns please call in the professionals. Some of the inspections you can do on your own would be to inspect: Roof shingles for torn, curled, cupped, cracked or missing shingles. Siding for missing pieces, impact holes or cracks from ice. Gutters and downspouts still attached and draining properly. Heat pumps and air handlers free of debris and running properly. Hand rails are secure and not loose or need touch up with staining/waterproofing. Window screens are clean, free of holes and installed properly. Smoke detectors should have the batteries changed on daylight savings time. Dryer vents are free of any obstructions. HVAC filters are replaced with new. Ground settling is kept sloped away from the foundation as well as the downspouts.

Summer is the season for grilling, lawn mowing, car washing and having fun or just relaxing. Maintenance can be a little light, just make sure drains and vents are still free of debris.

Fall is the get ready season of maintenance. I know, its FOOTBALL season and we can’t miss the game or pre-game or post game or highlights but you do need to make time for preventative maintenance. Smoke detectors should have the batteries changed again on daylight savings time. Windows and doors should be checked for no air penetration, weather stripping is in tact. HVAC filters are changed (this should be done at least every 3 months). Drains and vents are free of debris or any obstructions. Exterior hose bib is protected properly for winter.

Winter is the season for giving so if you have followed your maintenance schedule your home should be giving to you; a warm, dry, comfy space.

Seasonal maintenance always seems like a chore but with the little time it takes to inspect your home and make sure everything is running properly, it will save tons of aggravation and costly repairs later.

When you build a DB Home you can be ensured that we use the most up to date maintenance free products available with generous factory warranties. This ensures the you can enjoy your home more and will have less maintenance for many years to come!

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