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HERS Score, Lower is Better


People usually want to score high. When it comes to a HERS score, lower is better. The lower the number, the more energy efficient your home is. DB Homes averages 56 on the HERS scale! We provide energy efficient testing on every new home we build.  

What is a HERS Score and why is it important? For more information, click or copy & paste the link below into your browser:


A HERS Index Score can tell you so much about a home you are thinking of buying. Heating, cooling and water heating constitute the largest cost of homeownership outside of the mortgage loan. The HERS Index Score will tell you how well the home performs energy-wise. The HERS Report will outline the energy features of the home and the expected cost of utility bills.

It will also provide you with invaluable information about the existing home you live in, like how efficiently it’s operating and where you can make modifications for greater energy savings. When you're selling your home, a low HERS Index Score can command a higher resale price. And when you’re buying a home, you can anticipate the costs of energy bills and efficiency upgrades.