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Nella & Helen in Summerhill, Pa


DB Homes’ home building process was fast, professional and thorough, so the stress of constructing a new home was practically non-existent. DB Homes personnel took care of nearly everything, from start to finish, including assisting us with choice of décor and building materials, providing necessary information to the bank, notifying utilities, procuring permits, scheduling sub-contractors and inspections and dealing with last minute changes. The sub-contractors they used were true professionals, also. Their knowledge and experience made the entire home construction process as seamless and easy as possible. Our DB Homes’ home is very sturdy and built with quality materials from top to bottom. Even our neighbors are impressed and they’re in the Construction business! We highly recommend DB Homes to anyone who is thinking of building a new home.

Brian & Alicia in Confluence, Pa


We are very Thankful to DB Homes for doing an outstanding job in building our home. We did a lot of research with building a conventional stick built home versus a modular home and decided to go with the modular because we were extremely impressed with the high standard and quality of work offered by DB Homes. We received nothing but exceptional customer service for the entire staff. Not only did we have exceptional home builders, but we have made friends for life. We would highly recommend DB Homes!!!!!!

Robert in Central City, PA


I am extremely proud and happy with my DB Homes experience; it turned out to be a very easy and fast process. DB Homes were great people to work with; they took their time to answer all of my questions as well as very promptly. I did not expect everything to go as smooth as it did. They took care of everything. I would definitely build again and strongly recommend DB Homes for anyone looking to build or in the market for a house, even if you’re looking to purchase an older house, check DB Homes out first.

Jesse & Sharon in Nicktown, Pa


We were very happy with DB Homes through out the entire process. We have and will continue to recommend DB Homes. Building a home is stressful, but DB Homes does a very good job at making the process less stressful. The friendly, knowledgable staff will go out of their way to answer any questions and solve any problems that arise, making the process more enjoyable. We have and will continue to recommend DB Homes.

Dan in Summerhill, Pa


When I decided to build a new house I met the DB Homes and they explained my options and showed me the model homes, allowed me to customize my floor plan to what I wanted and always got me the answers to my questions. I enjoyed working with DB Homes and now I have a home that I never dreamed was possible. I am very happy with my whole experience and I feel that DB Homes offers an excellent product and service.

Don & Linda in Hooversville, Pa


From day one we must say, from beginning to the end, dealing with DB Homes was a 1st class experience. We mostly dealt with Keith the 1st couple months, putting everything in place, picking the heating, windows, doors, insulation, furnace and all the details of the house. He answered all our questions, one by one, over and over again, he knows every answer to any question. DB Homes were always there when we popped in or would always get back to us, through Keith or Michele. We picked and re-picked the options over and over; they were very patient. After the house was built or “created”, it was set and finished in about 3 months. DB Homes were there when the house was set on the foundation. It took 4 hours, roof was on, windows were in and we have a completed home. They worked day in and day out through Jan, Feb and March to completed the interior and we moved in April 9, 2011. The home is beautiful and well built. Three people asked if it was a stick built house, very solid, well insulated and very good workmanship. We would recommend DB Homes to anyone in fact we already did. Satisfied DB Home Owners!

Jason & Amy in Homer City, Pa

Our experience building with DB Homes was a positive one. We waited and saved many years to build a house and are satisfied with the patience of the staff, the help we received during the process from day one and the final product. We have and will recommend DB Homes in the future. Thank you.

Brent & Gina in Duncansville, PA

MARCH 2013

As we begin to move into our beautiful home, a simple “thank you” to DB Homes just doesn’t seem to say enough. From our first meeting with Keith, to all of our interactions with the DB Homes team, we are so grateful for the time that each and every one spent with us in person, on the phone, or in emails, walking us through the details of the building process. I think the hardest part of the process was choosing a floor plan (our dining room table was covered with floor plans as we tried to make up our mind on the best selection of us), but then everything else just seemed to fall into place. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Rick & Donna in Youngwood, PA

APRIL 2013

We are very happy with the quality and construction of our home.

Jason & Kathryn in Williamsburg, PA

APRIL 2013

We would like to give our thanks to DB Homes for helping us with building our dream home. DB Homes made our home building experience a successful one. All of your guidance was greatly appreciated. You all were very helpful in answering all of our questions over the year or so we worked with DB Homes. We would highly recommend DB Homes to anyone considering building a new home. You have a wonderful family orientated business and we are very grateful for all of your help! Thanks for putting up with us.

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